Email Campaign

What’s an email Campaign?

What’s an email campaign?

Email campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base. It is also a great way to use lists from trusted sources to improve traffic to your website of people who may use your services and not know of your business. Unlike traditional mailers that can be expensive when comparing to email campaigns. When you consider design print and postage that more than half will look at as junk mail. An email campaign is a much more cost effective approach to gain more interest in your business.

Email Marketing

  • Account setup & consultation
  • Landing page optimization
  • Tracking & analysis
  • Campaign management & reporting
  • Custom designed emailers
Email Marketing

Can email marketing help?

Keep your customers coming back for more with email camaigns. The old phrase out of sight and out of mind is true in todays competitive market. If you can’t hold peoples attention for very long they can move on to something else. It is important to keep your customers engaged in your business without becoming to intrusive and  become labeled as “spam”. This is a delecate balance of customer interaction and reading customer data, that can then be used to help improve other future campagins. Leave it to the professionals and give us a call to help get you started.

Custom design emailers?

Each time you open up email from a business today you will notice that it usually is filled with rich text images and makes the email come alive. Gone are the days of a simple text and friendly reminders without any eye candy. People today need their attention held and creating custom rich emails is one way to keep it from going directly into the trash. Grabbing their attention and getting them to act is a art form. Give us a call or email to help get your company on the right track.

Email Campaign

Can email marketing really help?